Why you should install a Juliet Balcony

A majority of homeowners find full balconies to be a large and complex undertaking, hence the sudden surge in Juliet balconies. Going by terms such as balconettes and faux balconies, the phrase began appearing in architecture catalogues in the 1920s. It is a shallow balcony that gives the illusion of a usable outdoor space. The benefits of the balcony are not always immediate as most folks decry their artifice of a balcony without creating a real outdoor space. But with the many advantages that come with Juliet Balconies, this view is rather short-sighted.

Adds Value to a Property

When viewed from outside, the balconies enhance the appearance of property, significantly adding to its kerb appeal. They provide a simple and convenient way of adding visual interest to an otherwise plain home that may not capture the attention of buyers. As such, homeowners can sell the home for thousands of pounds more than the cost of an average home.


Adding a full balcony to a house that wasn’t built with one can be costly. Juliet balconies offer a cost-effective way of installing new balconies at a reasonable price. They are simple to construct and don’t require the foundations of the house to be re-evaluated to accommodate them. It makes them a favourite option for renovation and refurbishment projects. What’s more, in areas that don’t allow the installation of a full balcony, a Juliet balcony comes in handy.


A juliet balcony is safe as it is designed to restrict standards. The reason is that those made from metal bars have the bars erected too close together for kids to fit while those made of glass are impervious. In fact, plenty of parents prefer this style of the balcony to the full one given that the window facing the balcony can be shut when they are not around. Similarly, if you have a large window installed upstairs and you are concerned about the welfare of your children and pets, adding a Juliet balcony ensures their safety.